'Supper club and talk on 'Science of Love'

'Supper club and talk on 'Science of Love'


Our first Supper club + talk evening. If your idea of a perfect night is enjoying great food and drinks in a private dining room with great conversation then you have found the perfect evening. Enter the elegant, modern loft space and make your way to the private dining room.

Special dinner guest Helen is a best-selling author, journalist and broadcaster who will discus the science of falling in love and lust, and falling out of it. Why are humans the only mammals to have evolved with the capacity for romantic love? Is a crime of passion a legitimate defence in murder cases? And can we scientifically distinguish between lust and love? We’ll be looking at the key studies and modern thinkers on this topic in a lively discussion over drinks and dinner. 

Feel free to come alone or with a group of friends, sit back and listen or get involved as much as you like.

Duration: 2 hours

Location: Clerkenwell EC1